Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bird Song #2

Title: Birdsong #2
Size: 8" x 10"
Mixed media on wood panel.

One of 3 new pieces that can hang individually or as a triptych.


Amy from Texas said...

This is really great. I came over from Ree's site. Love your work.

Linda said...

This print really "speaks" to me.
I wish I could buy it now.

K said...

I'm surprised you haven't garnered more comments, darn it. Like little coins, those comments. Gotta tell you how much pleasure I am taking in the joy of the song. The color, the color - bits all fitting together in ribbons - of light, of course. Because color is light, really, or released by it - like birds release song and make the air dance. If I had seventy five bucks, it would be yours. And I'd look at the song every day -

aeiou260199038 said...

I had seventy five bucks labatterie
it would be yours.