Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birdsong #19

Title: Birdsong #19
Size: 8" x 10"
Mixed Media on panel.


olivia said...

I was just checking out your site and I was amazed that you and I have a similar artistic style. I love how you use color and design elements in your art renderings. Blue birds especially Crested Jays have always been my favorite subject matter. I live high in the mountains of South Eastern AZ and have many Jays up in my pine and aspen trees. Sadly we don’t have blue birds like back east. Any bird that’s vibrant blue will get a buyers attention. Cardinals sell pretty well also. I like the whimsical way that you use a rainbow of color. The difference with our work is I frame my subject matter in a black background and I build a paper collage around the black to the frame edge with a vibrant rainbow colors. Sometimes I attach bird feathers for a touch of texture. Birds like your bird series are such perfectly sculpted art subjects that they have a lot of visual pizzazz. They look good with any art buyer .d├ęcor.

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aeiou260199038 said...

You have always been my favorite labatterie
subject matter.